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Nice, Fuzzy, Positive Language on Aid

By IPS correspondents

ACCRA, Sep 3 (IPS) – Ministers and senior government officials from around the world have reportedly agreed an action plan to make the system of aid more effective after days of hard negotiations that pitted some of the world’s poorest nations against donor giants.

But a negotiator for developing countries who did not want to be named told IPS the text agreed was entirely devoid of any time-bound measurable goals, due to objections from the United States and Japan. Continue reading Nice, Fuzzy, Positive Language on Aid

Benedict’s Discomforting Message

Truth Dig
The word “countercultural” is the key to understanding how Benedict’s message runs crosswise to conventional liberalism and conservatism. Benedict came to the United States as a quiet but forceful critic of “an increasingly secular and materialistic culture,” as he put it during Thursday’s Mass. Almost any American who paid attention to his sermon had to be uncomfortable because all of us are shaped by the very forces he was criticizing. – E.J. Dionne More