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Inagural class graduates from Green Pioneer Accelerator

By Miguel Heilbron
May 5, 2015

The Green Pioneer Accelerator is gearing up for its inaugural graduation that will showcase 21 entrepreneurs. These innovative companies will present to investors and strategic partners at two closed Venture Forums on Tuesday, June 9th in Nairobi, Kenya and on Thursday, June 11th in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Green Pioneer Accelerator focused on early stage enterprises contributing innovative solutions to environmental issues such as climate change, energy insecurity, loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystems. More…

Marking the Africa Day May 25; Africa Must Produce or Perish

News from Africa

Tuesday, 13 May 2008
13 May 2008 – Philip Emeagwali

Imagine that it is May 25, 2063, the 100th anniversary of Africa Day, a day for reflecting on Africa’s successes and failures. The newspaper headline announces, “Last Remaining Oilfield in West Africa’s American Territory Dries Up.” Continue reading Marking the Africa Day May 25; Africa Must Produce or Perish

China to seal $9bn DR Congo deal


A pending contract between China and Congo will give Congo $6bn of desperately needed infrastructure – about 2,400 miles of road, 2,000 miles of railway, 32 hospitals, 145 health centres and two universities. In return, China wiii get a slice of Congo’s precious natural resources to feed its booming industries – 10m tonnes of copper and 400,000 tonnes of cobalt. More