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Vote for ( )

Never has one generation spent so much of its children’s wealth in such a short period of time with so little to show for it as in the Bush years.
The Bush team leaves us with another debt — one to Mother Nature. We have added tons more CO2 into the atmosphere these last eight years, without any mitigation effort. As a result, slowing down climate change in the next eight years is going to require even bigger changes and investments in how we use energy.

Published: November 1, 2008
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Preventing the other meltdown

Boston Globe – sent by Sr. Helen Wright
By James Carroll
October 13, 2008

THE WORD “meltdown” came naturally to the lips last week, referring to the collapse of financial markets. But what about a real meltdown? The word came into popular usage to describe the melting of fuel rods in a nuclear reactor, a result of out-of-control overheating, leading to a dangerous release of radiation. But before that, meltdown defined not the accident of a power plant but the purpose of a nuclear bomb – the liquefaction through intense heat of metal, glass, and everything else caught in an atomic blast. Meltdown is the point.
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Faith-based Investors Issue Statement on the Financial Market Failure

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
NEW YORK CITY, NY//Sept 26, 2008// For the past three decades, members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) have worked with financial institutions to address the needs of the poor to obtain access to capital for: sustainable development, affordable housing in the U.S. and responsible lending in developing countries. ICCR is a coalition of nearly 300 faith-based institutional investors, representing over $100 billion in invested capital. Continue reading Faith-based Investors Issue Statement on the Financial Market Failure