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Our system owes Troy Davis another day in court

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It is wrong to execute an innocent man. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit will now consider whether it is constitutional. Troy Anthony Davis, convicted of murder, is asking the courts to hear evidence that key government witnesses have repudiated their testimony against him. But so far the courts have decided that, while he may be innocent, procedural rules prevent them from taking a second look. Continue reading Our system owes Troy Davis another day in court

After Four Decades, Finally: The Beginning of the End

Common Dreams

“This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change.” – Barak Obama (11/4/08)

By Mark Weisbrot
The nation’s capital came alive after 11 p.m. on election eve, as thousands poured into the streets to celebrate a victory that everyone was calling historic. Car horns blaring, whooping and shouting, high fives all around, multi-racial crowds celebrating joyously. Historic it is, most obviously in the election of an African-American president, in a country where millions of black people could not even vote when the new president-elect was born. The rapper Jay-Z elegantly expressed the Obama campaign’s connection to the long struggle for equality, along with the enthusiasm that it generated: “Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so that Obama could run. Obama’s running so that we all can fly.” Continue reading After Four Decades, Finally: The Beginning of the End

Vote for ( )

Never has one generation spent so much of its children’s wealth in such a short period of time with so little to show for it as in the Bush years.
The Bush team leaves us with another debt — one to Mother Nature. We have added tons more CO2 into the atmosphere these last eight years, without any mitigation effort. As a result, slowing down climate change in the next eight years is going to require even bigger changes and investments in how we use energy.

Published: November 1, 2008
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