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40,000 people marched to the Republican National Convention to say ‘US Out of Iraq Now

Dear Friend of United for Peace and Justice,

Yesterday, on a hot and humid day in St. Paul, Minnesota, upwards of 40,000 people marched to the front door of the Republican National Convention to say ‘US Out of Iraq Now’, ‘Money for Human Needs, Not War’; ‘No to the Republican Agenda’; ‘Yes to Peace, Justice, and Equality’.

Like most major marches, no one knew for certain how many people would turn out for the March on the RNC. The media coverage of the long struggle with local officials for permit rights had, in the end, helped organizers get the word out throughout the Twin Cities area for the march. Groups all around the upper Midwest organized buses, vans, and carpools to bring people into town. It was clear that this was an opportunity not to be missed. As the Republican Party was beginning its four-day gathering to nominate John McCain as their presidential candidate, we would be on the streets to raise a clear strong voice addressing the war and a range of other issues. Continue reading 40,000 people marched to the Republican National Convention to say ‘US Out of Iraq Now

World Social Forum

Another Africa is not just possible, it has already begun – InterPress News Service
“Another Africa is not just possible, it has already begun. Africans have begun to articulate their issues in their own way, and to seek their own solutions to their own problems.”

Photos of the World day of Action – January 26th from various parts of our world.

For a complete report of the 2008 World Day of Action, download Terra Viva The Contents include:
  • More Thoughts than Action on Action Day
  • Diversity, a Birthright Waiting to be Recognized
  • Media Dyxlesia and the WSF
  • Post-Socialist Europe: Too Early for Global Worries
  • The World Cannot Stand Back from Colombia’s Tragedy
  • Crisis in Lebabon Costs Pall on WSF
  • Justice Street Performers in Santiago
  • India: From Reflection to Action
  • Burning Snow in Montreal
  • Eviction High on Atlanta Agenda
  • We Now Need Accomplishments
  • Davos Has Lost Its Arrogance
  • Taking Stands Is Vital for the WSF
  • Labour Has Still to Catch Up with the WSF
  • Native People and the World Social Forum
  • Everybody Leaves the Forum Happier, Wiser and Stronger

Robert Fisk: The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn

The Independent
We have lost Afghanistan as surely as we have lost Iraq and as surely as we are going to “lose” Pakistan. It is our presence, our power, our arrogance, our refusal to learn from history and our terror – yes, our terror – of Islam that is leading us into the abyss. Until we learn to leave these Muslim peoples alone, our catastrophe in the Middle East will only become graver. There is no connection between Islam and “terror”. But there is a connection between our occupation of Muslim lands and “terror”. More