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Trans-Pacific Agreement would impact the price of medicines

Latin American Press

Health unions warn that the agreement could generate a trade monopoly that would eventually lead to an increase in the cost of medicines.

peru-1Non-governmental health organizations and Peruvian doctors unions have made no secret of their concerns following the announcement made by President Ollanta Humala on Oct. 5, when he informed the country about how successfully the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations had ended. For these institutions, the signing of the trade agreement would cause the price of medicines in Peru to increase considerably.

The TPP, which brings together 40 percent of the world economy, is the most ambitious economic treaty in the world. There are 12 countries that comprise it: besides Peru are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States and Japan, the latter two being the main protagonists. This multilateral agreement encompasses 23 areas, among which is the chapter on Intellectual Property Rights, which is the most sensitive point for Peru at the moment.
The great fear of the health unions lies in the possibility that the patent protection period, which in Peru is considered to be 20 years, is extended, thereby creating a state monopoly in favor of some pharmaceutical industries. But it was the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism herself, Magali Silva, who went to the media and dismissed the rumors. Continue reading Trans-Pacific Agreement would impact the price of medicines

US Catholic Bishops Urge End to Surge of Deportation Actions

America Magazine
Kevin Clarke
mig-a1Noting recent enforcement actions conducted by the Department of Homeland Security which resulted in the deportation of 121 individuals, “primarily mothers with children,” in a prepared statement, the bishops who chair the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network called for the deportations to be halted. The bishops suggest that sending migrant children and families back to their home countries “would put many of them in grave danger because they would face threats of violence and for some, even death.” The bishops urged the administration “to end this practice and not engage in such future enforcement actions targeting immigrant women and children, as they terrify communities and are inconsistent with American values.” Continue reading US Catholic Bishops Urge End to Surge of Deportation Actions