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Kenyan Christian leaders ask for forgiveness for role in violence

NAKURU, Kenya (CNS) — Christian leaders in Kenya pledged to work for reconciliation and asked God for forgiveness for their role in widening divisions in the country. “We note that a serious impediment of God’s mission of reconciliation … in our time and in our country is the fact that quite often the church has been caught up in the destructive ethnic, social and economic divisions and conflicts in the nation,” said a statement signed by 1,300 Christian pastors. Continue reading Kenyan Christian leaders ask for forgiveness for role in violence

USCCB introduces study guide that examines torture as moral issue

Catholic News Service
WASHINGTON (CNS) — The dignity and respect of the human person is the cornerstone of a new study guide on torture as a moral issue published by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The guide, titled “Torture: Torture Is a Moral Issue, a Catholic Study Guide,” looks at church teaching as it relates to the use of torture by government authorities around the world and mixes in biblical passages that evoke Jesus’ call to “love your enemies.” The guide was written by David Gibson, retired editor of Catholic News Service‘s Origins documentary service, in cooperation with the Catholic Leadership Council within the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. It was developed for use by discussion groups and classes in Catholic settings as well as individuals, families and others interested in studying the issue. The guide was introduced June 23 in the midst of Torture Awareness Month as designated by religious, human rights and civil liberties organizations. The guide is available for downloading on the Web at:

Churches tell world leaders in Rome: ‘feed the hungry’

International Catholic News

Jean Blaylock

The plea “Give us this day our daily bread” needs to be heard by world leaders meeting in Rome on the global food crisis, say church representatives across the globe.

“The Lord’s Prayer highlights that having enough to eat is, and has always been, central to the Christian idea of a world shaped by justice and mercy,” observed Sushant Agrawal, Director of the Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) in India. “If God’s will was done, no one would go hungry.”

At present 854 million people – one person in every eight – are hungry, and the current crisis caused by rapid increase in food prices may add another 100 million people to that count. Continue reading Churches tell world leaders in Rome: ‘feed the hungry’

Hundreds of nuns and monks march on Parliament to call on UK to kick carbon habit

Independent Catholic News
Hundreds of nuns, monks and clergy descended on Westminster yesterday, today to demand that MPs strengthen the Climate Change Bill and ‘kick the carbon habit’ for the sake of the poorest in the world.

Those in developing countries are the first to experience the devastating impacts of climate change – despite contributing to it the least. In its current form, the Climate Change Bill ignores the latest scientific evidence and key recommendations from all three parliamentary committees that reviewed the draft bill and recently the United Nations Development Programme also warned that the Bill needed improving as its targets were not ambitious enough. Continue reading Hundreds of nuns and monks march on Parliament to call on UK to kick carbon habit