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The Brussels Attacks

The New Internationalist

We are going to need more than demonstrations, we are going to have to do more than putting the Belgian flag as a profile picture on Facebook, we are going to need more that GIFs, tweets and petitions. What we need is a total, radical and deep rethinking of the way we see society, of how we see each other within it, of who makes decisions on our behalf. In short, a spiritual and philosophical revolution is what it required.

By Frank Barat


Frank Barat reflects on Tuesday’s attacks on his city, and argues that only more understanding can defeat terrorism and its root causes.

The second day of Spring in my hometown, Brussels, started like any other day. I took the kids to school and nursery this morning, then went to work. Or, rather, came back home, where most of my work is done these days. For two years, I’d been working at offices near the European Parliament, but I prefer working from home now, especially in days like today: The sky is blue and the sun is shining. Sitting in front of my computer, I looked outside at the trees, listening to the singing birds. Continue reading The Brussels Attacks

Brussels attacks: Belgian bishops issue statement

Independent Catholic News

The Catholic Bishops of Belgium have issued a statement condemning the deadly terror attacks on the Brussels airport and underground stations on Monday, calling for prayerful solidarity with the victims and for national unity in response to the assault.

Vatican Radio’s English translation of the Bishops’ statement follows:

“The bishops of Belgium are appalled to learn of the attack at Zaventem airport and in the centre of Brussels. They share the anguish of thousands of travelers and their families, aviation professionals and the first responders who are once again called to service.

They entrust the victims to the prayers of all in this new dramatic situation. Airport chaplains are every day at the service of all and provide the necessary spiritual support. May the whole country live these days with a great sense of civic responsibility.”

Belgique/Congo: un nouveau cadeau empoisonné de la Belgique à la RDC Sent by Marie-Rose Lepers SND

8 millions de manuels scolaires.

Au mois de mai, les contribuables belges apprenaient avec stupeur que leur Gouvernement venait d’asséner, en leur nom, un nouveau coup de massue à l’enseignement congolais et aux éditeurs de manuels scolaires. En 2006 déjà, 5 millions de manuels de 5è  et 6è primaires avaient été parachutés dans tout le Congo par la Coopération belge sans tenir compte ni des manuels existants ni des éditeurs congolais. Mais cette fois, avec 8 millions de manuels de 3è et 4è primaires, l’économie occidentale pénètre de force non seulement le marché congolais de l’édition mais, surtout, elle tente de façonner les cerveaux des jeunes à la philosophie et à la logique occidentale du marché. Continue reading Belgique/Congo: un nouveau cadeau empoisonné de la Belgique à la RDC