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President Bush Issues a National Emergency on Congo

Dear Friends of Congo Global Action,

In a financial crisis such as the one we all are experiencing today, things may seem a little uncertain, more so for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo who have been in crisis for more than a decade and whose suffering has been immeasurable. But we shouldn’t forget that the Congolese people are still hopeful and deserve our attention and our voice so that they can have peace and prosperity for themselves and their country. Continue reading President Bush Issues a National Emergency on Congo

Why Congo Week?

The Congo is the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today where nearly 6 million people have died since 1996, half of them children 5 yrs old or younger and hundreds of thousands of women have been raped all as a result of the scramble for Congo’s wealth. The United Nations said it is the deadliest conflict in the world since World War Two. However, hardly anything is said about it in the media. Can you imagine 45,000 people dying each month and hardly a peep from anyone in the age of the Internet? This is literally what has happened and continue to happen in the Congo. There is a media white-out about Congo and no worlwide resolution to end the conflict and carnage there.

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In Congo, rape is a weapon of war

The Standard – Nairobi

By Eric Mgendi And Solange Nyamulisa

With the largest peacekeeping force in the world, the crisis in the Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo is one of the most complex.

New estimates by International Rescue Committee show that more than five million people have died between 1998 and 2002. It all began 12 years ago after the ouster of Laurent Kabila. Long-standing and deep-seated, internal causes, often based on ethnicity and interference by external powers have consistently undermined the integrity and sovereignty of DR Congo. Continue reading In Congo, rape is a weapon of war

Africans in the Dark over the Congo River project


23 April 2008 – Terri Hathaway (International Rivers, Africa Campaigner)

A lucrative hydropower scheme proposed for the Congo River has become Africa’s next great scramble. Led by the World Energy Council, major industries, banks, and governments met in London this week to seek their piece of the US$80 billion Grand Inga project – the world’s largest hydropower installation. The scheme is being promoted as a development venture to electrify the African continent, where two in every three people now lack access to electricity. Nearly a hundred officials and big money interests discussed how to profit from one of Congo’s great natural resources, but Congolese officials disappeared shortly after the meeting commenced with no explanation to organizers. Worse, organizers had refused to invite Congolese civil society and area communities, leaving no voice to defend the country’s interest. Continue reading Africans in the Dark over the Congo River project

China to seal $9bn DR Congo deal


A pending contract between China and Congo will give Congo $6bn of desperately needed infrastructure – about 2,400 miles of road, 2,000 miles of railway, 32 hospitals, 145 health centres and two universities. In return, China wiii get a slice of Congo’s precious natural resources to feed its booming industries – 10m tonnes of copper and 400,000 tonnes of cobalt. More