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Italy–Those seeking asylum are seeking it from you

By: Jacquelyn Pavilon
Posted: Friday, April 24, 2015 5:45 pm.

Crammed boat arrives at LampedusaThe number of asylum applications in Italy increased by 143 percent in 2014, reaching a new record of 64,886, according to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Italy annual report. While great strides have been made to accommodate refugees and asylum seekers, more needs to be done by the Italian and European authorities to welcome and integrate the newcomers. More…

After fresh tragedy, Syrian Christian leader warns: ‘We could disappear’

By John L. Allen Jr.

Associate editor | April 28, 2015


While most of the world celebrated Easter 2015 with church services and family get-togethers, Christians in the Syrian city of Aleppo spent the holiday digging through rubble to locate the bodies of 15 people who died after a ferocious round of rocket bombs rained down on a Christian neighborhood.

It was merely the latest assault on Christians in the city, which has seen some of the most intense fighting between jihadists and Syrian forces.

Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart, head of the Melkite Greek Catholic Archparchy of Aleppo… More

Climate change skeptics press their case to Vatican


By Inés San Martín
Vatican correspondent | April 27, 2015

ROME — Ahead of a Vatican and UN-sponsored summit on the environment set for Tuesday, some of America’s leading climate change and global warming skeptics assembled in Rome on Monday to press the case that climate change concerns are “non-issues.”

Members of the Heartland Institute, a libertarian public policy think tank based in Chicago, held what they called a “prebuttal” of a Rome conference to be put on by the Vatican and the United Nations on the moral dimensions of climate change and sustainable development, titled “Protect the earth, protect humanity.”

The counter-event also comes ahead of a highly anticipated encyclical letter from Pope Francis on the environment, expected to be released in early summer. Read More

Where the Islamic State gets its weapons

Syrian Kurdish fighters walk near unexploded and abandoned munitions in the Syrian city of Kobani on March 27. (Credit Yasin Akgul/AFP/Getty Images)
Syrian Kurdish fighters walk near unexploded and abandoned munitions in the Syrian city of Kobani on March 27. (Credit Yasin Akgul/AFP/Getty Images)
by C. J. Chivers April 27, 2015

Early one morning in late February, a European investigator working in Kobani, the northern Syrian city that for months had been a battleground between Kurdish fighters and militants from the Islamic State, stepped outside the building where he was staying and saw something unusual. A Kurd on the street was carrying a long black assault rifle that the investigator thought was an American-made M-16.  More

Resources for Feast of St. Francis 2013

Catholic Coalition on Climate Change

a Catholic Approach to Climate Change 

climateEducation Kits (Parish, College, and High School aged Youth versions) NOW AVAILABLE.

Resources for Publicity

Join tens of thousands of other Catholics who will learn about the dramatic evidence of climate change and explore Catholic teaching on climate change. This year’s Feast of St. Francis program: “Melting Ice, Mending Creation: a Catholic Approach to Climate Change.”

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