Statement of Solidarity


join in solidarity with all people suffering the individual and systemic violence whose root cause is racism.

As we struggle with our own racism, we work to change our systems to be more inclusive, transparent and respectful.  We seek to do this in a non-violent manner which creates neither victims nor oppressors.

In order to build the Beloved Community, we strive to see the connections between systemic racism and the lack of affordable housing, quality health care, sustainable wages and equal educational opportunities.

As people of faith who believe in the goodness of God, we must acknowledge and examine our own white privilege and its role in creating unjust systems which exist within our society.

The present crisis challenges us to join with others in prayer, reflection and action in a spirit of HOPE.

(This statement is an outgrowth of ‘Idea Bowl’ conversation on Anti-Racism held at the East/West National Gathering, July 9, 2016 in Baltimore, MD.  It is the hope of those involved in the conversation that this statement be distributed widely within our various networks i.e. colleagues, co-workers, family members etc.)