DR Congo: International ecumenical initiative launched to accompany 2016 elections


drcAn International Ecumenical initiative to accompany Churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the 2016 presidential elections and in the following post-election period: is the result of the conference on peace in the DRC, organized in Geneva by the World Council of Churches.

“We gathered at an important moment for the people of the DRC, anticipating provincial and municipal elections this year and a presidential election in 2016, and at time when recent violence in Beni and the arrival of refugees from Burundi, have given unsettling signs of renewed instability in the Country and region”, said a statement issued on Friday. The purposes of the conference, which was held from May 25 to 27, included raising greater awareness of the current situation in the DRC, developing a common understanding of the various threats and challenges faced by the Congolese people, and mobilising partners for on-going international ecumenical accompaniment of churches and partners in DRC.

The main effort is aimed at the concerns of young people in the DRC in order to support them as leaders of social transformation.”In light of the forthcoming elections in the DRC, we encourage coordination of all church-based efforts in order to ensure that not only are the election processes peaceful, but that they also produce committed, empowered and accountable political leadership for justice and peace in the DRC”, the message concludes.