Help end child trafficking in chocolate this Easter

You may not be aware that boys as young as ten are trafficked to perform the backbreaking and hazardous job of harvesting cocoa beans in the Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. These cocoa beans are turned into the chocolate that we buy and love from supermarkets all over the world.

You can help make this stop. Take action now and ask supermarkets to stock more certified Easter eggs next year.

As Easter approaches, Supermarkets are gearing up to sell millions of chocolate Easter Eggs to customers like you and me. Easter Eggs that may be made with cocoa beans picked by the hand of a trafficked child.

Supermarkets have enormous buying power and influence; we are asking them to help end the trafficking of children by stocking more certified chocolate eggs- those stamped with the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified mark.

These certification marks show customers like you and me that the chocolate has been made in monitored conditions that aim to prevent the trafficking of children.

Join us and ask some of the world’s largest supermarkets to double the number of certified eggs they sell next year. They will start ordering Easter Eggs for next year very soon, so it’s urgent that they hear from you today.

This petition is going to CEO’s of these leading supermarkets:
UK: Tesco and Asda
USA: Walmart
Australia: Woolworths and Coles*

Together we can make chocolate #traffikfree

Check out our campaign page for further actions you can take to help end child trafficking in chocolate:

*In Australia your emails will be sent to STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia who will download everyone’s names and hand them directly to Woolworths and Coles as a physical petition.
Tesco CEO Mr Dave Lewis
Walmart CEO Doug McMillion
Target CEO Brain Cornell
and 4 others