Sr. Dorothy Stang, SND: 10 Years of Remembrance

Trinity Washington University

dotOn February 12, 2005, Sr. Dorothy Stang, SND, was murdered by some hired assassins in the Amazon rainforest.  That basic fact still seems hard to state.  Who would pump six bullets into a 73 year old nun who had devoted her life to living the Gospel’s call to take the option for the poor, to work for justice among some of the most marginalized people on earth? Continue reading Sr. Dorothy Stang, SND: 10 Years of Remembrance

Land-grabbing impunity

New Internationalist

By Henry Owino

ken12In early January, protests ensued over a school’s playground in Nairobi being ‘grabbed’, illegally fenced off and seized.

The case of Langata Road Primary School is a classic land-grabbing one, a clear indication of government impunity, and indeed, it’s said to be the project of Deputy President William Ruto.

With the school located in a zone controlled by the government’s opposition forces, the information spread like a burning bush-fire, attracting public attention. A demonstration to oppose the move was set up. Continue reading Land-grabbing impunity

New tragedy – EU stands by as 300 refugees drown in Mediterranean

Independent catholic News

About 300 people have drowned as their rubber dinghies sank in the Mediterranean between Libya and Lampedusa, Italy. This latest tragedy is a twofold demonstration of the failure of European border policy. Not only have European states not taken the necessary measures to save lives in the Mediterranean, they have established a series of ‘legal’ obstacles for those fleeing intensifying conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Italian coast guard managed to rescue about 100 migrants from one dinghy, in stormy seas, on Monday night. However, 29 died of hypothermia as they sat on the open decks of the small coast guard boats. These deaths may have been avoided, if the EU had implemented a search and rescue operation of the same size and scope as the former Italian rescue program Mare Nostrum. Previously, rescued migrants were given shelter below decks of larger naval vessels. Continue reading New tragedy – EU stands by as 300 refugees drown in Mediterranean