The Time is Now: Veterans’ service should be matched with economic opportunity

Center for American Progress
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

To commemorate Memorial Day, Half in Ten and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans are honoring the veterans who have made sacrifices for our country. They have protected and served the United States, yet many return home and struggle with poverty and economic insecurity, as illustrated in our [ ]Veterans Poverty and Opportunity Profile (PDF).

There are roughly 22.5 million veterans in the United States—many above the retirement age—and more than 1.4 million of them are living in poverty.

The United States must ensure that veterans’ service is matched with [ ]economic opportunity (PDF) and support. Aside from the moral imperative to assist those who have served our country, veterans’ ability to find employment, provide for their families, and locate affordable housing is a crucial component of America’s current and future workforce and economic success.

We must strengthen crucial services and supports and implement smart public policies—such as raising the minimum wage—that provide the opportunities necessary to lift veterans out of poverty and ensure long-term growth and shared prosperity.

[ ]Download our profile (PDF) to both learn more and celebrate those who have served and protected our country on Memorial Day.


Half in Ten