KENYA: Handle Operation Humanly, Christian Leaders tell Government

NAIROBI, April 15, 2014 (CISA) -Christian Leaders of mainstream Churches in Kenya on Monday, March 14 urged the government to carry out the current crackdown on illegal immigrants in a humane way.

“Although we acknowledge the determination on the part of government in the fight against terrorism, we call upon the security agencies to handle the ongoing operation in a humane manner; the dignity of life should at all times remain a priority,” the leaders said in a joint statement after meeting at the All Saints Cathedral-Nairobi.

The leaders drawn from several Christian denominations including; The Catholic Church, Anglican Church of Kenya, Methodist Church in Kenya, and Presbyterian Church of East Africa, further said that the current operation must not be seen as targeting any religion, tribe or nationality but aimed at fighting terrorism and other forms of crime.

The recurring terror attacks in the country were also condemned by the leaders who said they were “perplexed and dismayed” by the rising insecurity and terrorist attacks targeted at innocent Kenyans and Christians in their places of worship and further called on the president and relevant government agencies to ensure “a safe country for us and future generations.”

In the statement the Church leaders also called on Kenyans to play their role on matters security. “We urge you fellow Kenyans to be vigilant and cooperate with law enforcement agencies,” read the statement in part. “We cannot stand aside as so many lives continue to be lost. We further appeal to all leaders to refrain from utterances that may divide people along religious, political, or ethnic lines.”

According to the leaders the on-going security swoop should be expanded to include other “facets of insecurity” such as armed robbery, cattle rustling, extermination of wildlife, rape, kidnappings and petty crimes.

Other than insecurity the leaders also addressed other issues affecting the nation including the menace of alcohol, drug abuse and high levels of violence amongst other vices in learning institutions and called for an increased role of faith-based organizations in the management of these institutions.

On matters of corruption, the government was urged to address the link between corruption, illegal guns and immigrants which the Church leaders said was “the direct link” between rising poverty levels, unemployment and increase in crime and further called for “a united front against corruption in the central and county government.”

In an Easter message to Kenyans, the church leaders said: “Finally, our dear Christians and all Kenyans, as we begin the Holy week and the Easter period, we urge you to continue praying for a peaceful prosperous country and unity for a better tomorrow.”