Public Letter to Pope Francisco 16/09/13

UISG JPIC (English and Portuguese)

Our Dearest Brother Pope Francis,
brazilWe, the undersigned Christians and members of other religions, support the proposal of the 5th Brazilian Social Week sponsored by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) sending you this public letter with a very special request: that you convene a Global Assembly for the protection of life on Earth.

Today life has caused a deadly blow by starvation (900 million people in the world), by thirst (1.2 billion do not have potable water and 2.4 billion lack basic sanitation), by wars, by destruction of the environment (soil, water, biodiversity, air) and above all, over humanity and all life forms lurks threatening climate changes also caused by the unscrupulous action of mega economic groups.

The Aparecida Document states that we live not only a time of change but a change of time (cf DAp 44). The consumer and predatory system we presently have compromises the present and the future of the entire web of humanity and the entire life community that makes up the planet.

When God created the Earth, he entrusted men and women to “cultivate and take care of the Earth”. (cf. Gen. 2:15) . After the flood, when Noah left the Ark with his family, and all animals that were in it, God made a primordial covenant with them saying: “on my part, I will establish my covenant with you and with your seed and with all living things that are with you, birds, animals domestic and wild, in short with all the animals that are with you on Earth that came out of ark” (cf. Gen. 9, 9 10). The apostle Paul states that “even creation itself will be delivered from the bondage of corruption and given the freedom that is the glory of the children of God” (cf. Rom. 8, 21). God loves all he has created and ordered that we care for the Integrity of Creation.

Traditional and original peoples and lately scientists have reported that all forms of life are at risk on the face of the Earth. However, there is no response to the gravity of the challenge by the political and economic forces to the moment we face in the history of the world. As you have stated, we cannot passively accept the Globalization of Indifference.

We make this request to you as a way of contributing to the effectiveness of your gestures which call us sharply to take a stand for the care and protection of life that is threatened. Gestures such as those expressed on your trip to Lampedusa, at the World Youth Day in Brazil, your visit to immigrants in Italy, in the fast against wars you invited us to. We recognize that you have the moral and spiritual authority for such a call.

This initiative, starting with your efforts, open to listen to experts from around the world as well as hearing from indigenous peoples affected by the destruction of their environment, refugees and those affected by climate change, victims of hunger and thirst, will surely be accepted throughout the planet, opening new paths to overcome this situation that afflicts humanity.

With deep respect and fraternal embrace, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, in communion with all life forms and all humanity, we support these initiatives in which you have been engaged in for the defense and promotion of life. We confirm our request by signing below.
Brasilia DF, September 16, 2013

1. Dom Guilherme Antônio Werlang, Ipameri, Brasil -Bispo Presidente da Comissão
Episcopal para o Serviço da Caridade Justiça e Paz, CNBB

2.Irene Léon, socióloga, Quito (Equador) – ALAI

3.João Pedro Stédile, São Paulo, Brasil – Coordenação Nacional do MST

4.Padre Inácio Neutzing , Porto Alegre, Brasil –Coordenador do Instituto Humanitas Unisinos –IHU

5.Roberto Malvezzi, Juazeiro da Bahia, Brasil –Membro da Comissão Pastoral da Terra

6.Dom Pedro Casaldáliga,bispo emérito de São Félix do Araguaia, Brasil

7.Padre Nelito Dornelas, Brasília, Brasil –Assessor da Comissão Episcopal para o Serviço da Caridade Justiça e Paz, CNBB

8.Cesar Sanson, Natal, Brasil –Professor da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

9.Padre Ari Antonio dos Reis–Brasília, Brasil –Assessor da Comissão Episcopal para o Serviço da Caridade Justiça e Paz, CNBB.

10.Ivo Poletto, Goiania, Brasil –Fórum Mudanças Climáticas e Justiça Social

11.Francisco Vladimir, Fortaleza, Brasil –Jornalista

12.Beverly Keene, socióloga, Buenos Aires (Argentina) –Jubileu Sul

13.Padre Marco Passerini, Fortaleza, Brasil, Pastoral Carcerária

14.Francisco Nobre da Silva, Fortaleza, Brasil, Pastoral do Menor da Arquidiocese de Fortalezà

15.Benimar Oliveira, Fortaleza, Brasil, Pastoral do Menor da Arquidiocese de Fortaleza

16.Sandra Quintela, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, socioeconomista –Instituto de Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul/PACS

17.Rosilene Wansetto, socióloga, São Paulo, Brasil –Rede Jubileu Sul Brasil

18.Edson Gonçalves P. Oliveira Silva, sociólogo, São Paulo, Brasil –Conselho de Leigos da Arquidiocese de São Paulo –Clasp

19.Padre Jurandyr Azevedo Araújo,Brasil, Brasília –Pastoral Afro-Brasileira

20.Claudina Scapini, mscs, Brasil, Brasília –Setor Mobilidade Humana-CNBB e GT-ETH

21.José Hélio Pereira da Silva, Palmeira dos Índios, Alagoas, Brasil -Educador Popular da Rede de Educação Cidadã –RECID

22.Dionísio Sfredo,Goiânia –Brasil
23.Elmo José Amador Malagodi,Piraju, São Paulo, Brasil

24.Elizabeth Aracy Rondon Amarante, Brasnorte, MT, Brasil

25.Leandra Pereira da Silva, Encruzilhada, Brasil

26.Ivo Lesbaupin,Rio de Janeiro, Brasil –Iser Assessoria

27.Luiz Gouvêa de Paula, Goiânia, Brasil

28.Ghislaine Duque,Campina Grande/PB,Brasil

29.Sandra Ede,Religiosa Dominicana de Monteils

30.Francisca de Jesus Marinho da Silva, Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brasil

31.Renato Thiel,Brasília, Brasil -Coordenação Ampliada Nacional de CEBs (Comunidades Eclesiais de Base)eSecretário do 9o Encontro Nacional Fé e Política

32.Crismédio Vieira Costa Neto,Alagoas , Brasil -Coordenador Estadual da Pastoral da Pessoa Idosa

33.Joseumar Miranda da Silva, Laranja da Terra/ES –Brasil

34.Edgar Serra,Bertioga/SP, Brasil

35.Eunice Dias de Paula, Goiânia, Brasil

36.Pe. Flávio Lazzarin, Coroatá, Brasil, Comissão Pastoral da Terra

37.Maria José Souza Moraes, Escritório de Direitos Humanos da Prelazia de São Félix do Araguaia

38.Luiz Alberto Gomez de Souza, sociólogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil –CERIS

39.JoséMário Duarte, Campos dos Goytacazes-Brasil

40.Francisco Inaldo Brandão da Silva,Fortaleza,Brasil

41.Agnaldo Rocha Santos,Várzea da Roça, Bahia,Brasil

42.Magnólia Azevedo Said, advogada, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil -membro do Esplar-Centro de Pesquisa e Assessoria
43.Prof Aristides Moysés,Goiânia, Brasil -Professor e Pesquisador do Mestrado em Desenvolvimento e Planejamento Territorial –PUC GOIÁS

Rede Jubileu Sul Brasil
Pastoral Carcerária/Regional Nordeste I
Pastoral DST/Aids Cas a Fonte Colombo Centro de Promoção da Pessoa HIV