ACTION: NETWORK Legislative Update


Legislative Update

Congress is back in session with a busy agenda. This week, in addition to considering military and diplomatic options for Syria, the House is expected to initiate a Continuing Resolution (CR) to sustain non-defense discretionary spending for two to three months. This CR is expected to be noncontroversial. If successfully passed by both chambers, it will avert government shutdown at the October 1 budget deadline, as well as delay the need to vote to raise the debt ceiling. As Syria and the CR are being debated, NETWORK is working to keep Congress focused on immigration reform and anti-poverty priorities. We’re also working on better equipping faith communities to be educated advocates on economic justice.


Get tools to heal inequality: Subscribe to the Mend the Gap! education series123
In 2011, before the rise of Occupy Wall Street and the protests of the 99%, NETWORK created the Mind the Gap! campaign to raise awareness about how U.S. wealth inequality hurts “the 100%.” Next week, the U.S. Census Bureau will release the latest data on poverty and inequality in the United States, and we expect to see the trend of rising inequality to continue. NETWORK has decided that our first income inequality awareness campaign Mind the Gap! needed to go to the next level to Mend the Gap! NETWORK’s new curriculum Mend the Gap! teaches about tools communities are using now to alleviate inequality. NETWORK is releasing the curriculum in a weekly email series, which will run from late September through the beginning of Advent.

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Act for immigration reform 122
Immigration reform must remain a priority in Congress and our communities. For this reason, yesterday, the Interfaith Immigration Coalition kicked off FastAction: 40 days of fasting, prayer, and advocacy to keep the pressure on for immigration reform to take priority. Our goal is true reform with a pathway to citizenship that protects family unity.

While we must act on immigration reform, we must prevent harmful legislation from moving forward. Congress must hear loud and clear that people of faith want real immigration reform, and that we oppose harmful piecemeal bills like the SAFE Act. Call 866-940-2439 to be connected to your Representative’s office.

Lastly, NETWORK is working on sending out and collecting the last of our immigration reform advocacy postcards during September. If you’d like some, please place an order today.

Stand with hungry families
ntwkRep. Eric Cantor is preparing to introduce The Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act, a stand-alone bill which is a proposed substitute for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The proposal follows an unprecedented omission of SNAP from July’s House-passed Farm Bill. The legislation would cut SNAP by $40 million over ten years, just after the U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that 14.5% of the people in our nation are food insecure (daily lacking sufficient food for more than one meal). Many report food insecurity while on SNAP. We cannot let Rep. Cantor’s bill diminish the already insufficient $4 per day the average SNAP recipient receives. Please write to your representative today to call for protection of SNAP.


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Shantha Ready Alonso, Ashley Wilson, and Claire Markham
Field Department