Security reform key for credible Zimbabwe elections


A billboard urging Zimbabweans to return home and vote in the 2008 elections

An attack on a political rally by uniformed soldiers is stoking fears of a reprise of state-sponsored violence against NGOs, human rights activists and parties opposed to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF in the lead-up to a referendum on a draft constitution and scheduled parliamentary and presidential elections in 2013. Continue reading Security reform key for credible Zimbabwe elections

The campaign’s moral hole

Washington Post

E.J. Dionne Jr.,

Does our presidential campaign lack a moral core?

The question arises in the wake of last week’s presidential debate. However you analyze it in electoral terms, the exchange between President Obama and Mitt Romney was most striking as a festival of technocratic mush — dueling studies mashed in with competing statistics. In many ways, the encounter offered voters the worst of all worlds: a great deal of indecipherable wonkery and remarkably little clarity about where each would lead the country. Continue reading The campaign’s moral hole

Belo Sun Mining Sets Sights on Golden Opportunity in the Xingu

Amazon Watch

Christian Poirier

A flock of vultures have landed on the banks of the mighty Xingu River deep in the Brazilian Amazon, and they’ve come to stay. Circling like scavengers over the river now condemned by the looming Belo Monte dam, international mining executives anxiously await the death of the Xingu to begin extracting the rich seams of gold that line its banks. Such a golden opportunity did not come by chance: without the Belo Monte dam’s calculated desiccation of the Xingu’s legendary Big Bend, the Belo Sun Mining corporation would be denied access to this vast treasure. Continue reading Belo Sun Mining Sets Sights on Golden Opportunity in the Xingu