One Billion Already Hungry as Deeper Food Crises Loom

Common Dreams

Enough food exists for all, but shortcomings of global capitalism and industrial food system thwart new approaches to problem  Despite growing enough food to feed to entire world, almost a billion people are now hungry – one in seven of the global population – and, according to Oxfam International, conditions are getting worse and the number of acutely malnourished children has risen for the first time this decade.  Reporting by The Independent reveals that for the first time in recent history, humanitarian organizations like Oxfam have had to respond to three serious regional food crises – in West Africa, Yemen and East Africa – while also witnessing an “unparalleled number of severe food shortages” that have added 43 million to the number of people going hungry worldwide this year.  One week ahead of a”hunger summit” scheduled to coincide with the closing of the Olympics in London, aid groups say that unless action is taken urgently, many more could fall victim. Continue reading One Billion Already Hungry as Deeper Food Crises Loom