Call for International Day of solidarity with Congo

Sent by Barbara Karl, SND

Please find included here a brief translated message from the African Provincial of the Carmelites (Vedruna) inviting international solidarity for the 16th of February, a day when the Church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is calling people of faith to go to the streets as a call to justice and peace. This call comes (in part) as a response to the murder of Sister Liliane Mapalayi a Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (see below) as well as the recent violence during the national elections. We have tried to verify this situation through the international press, as well as through the Congregational website, but have found nothing. Anyone who wants to send messages of support and solidarity  can do so through or

from the African Provincial of the Carmelites (Vedruna )

” The situation of the country is unclear. Just killed this sister in her office. As the Cardinal, the Bishops and the Union of Superiors had reported what was happening during the elections, the government now is against the Church. But, no problem. It is the consequence of being  with the people. Without this position, our life as Christians does not make sense. We’re happy even if it means death. On February 16, the Church is calling all the people out for a march. I am sorry I cannot go as it is the day we travel from Congo to Togo. But, all the sisters in our community here are very determined to participate. This is just is too much, and we can’t take anymore..if you want to, join us with your prayers every day. ”

Ambroisine (provincial of the African province of Carmelites, Vedruna)

Jean-Baptiste Malenge Kalunzu, IMO, Vatican Radio correspondent.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Assassination of Sister Liliane Mapalayi in Kananga

Sister Liliane Mapalayi, the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, was buried in Kananga in Western Kasai province. She was stabbed Thursday, February 2 in her work office (in charge of finance at the Institute Janua Coeli Parish of St. Clement in Kananga.) This school was sacked three times already during this school year by thieves.

Around 1:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2, the killer broke into the office of Sister Mapalayi while students and staff of the institute had just left school. The man drove a knife into the chest of the nun, and he fled. Aged 32, sister Mapalayi was in her fifth year of consecrated life. The provincial superior of her congregation, Sister Elizabeth Ongadi, announced the death, stating that her sister died when they arrived at the hospital.  In Kananga, it is reported that a teacher who witnessed the event is missing. {In the Church of Kananga, there are also reported threatening messages on the phone received from anonymous sources by priests and nuns – poor translation}

The murder of Sister Liliane Mapalayi was announced in Kinshasa on February 2 on the eve of the day of the consecrated life, by the Bishop of Boma, Bishop Cyprian Mbuka. He said the opening prayer at the meeting of consecrated persons gathered in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Congo to the close of the celebration of fifty years of existence of two associations of major superiors of religious congregations of men and women. Father Marcel Mukadi, provincial superior of the Salvatorian DRC, has added the name of Liliane Mapalayi on the long list in the Message which he read, message consecrated persons to the DRC, including the message brings martyrdom of many men and women devoted victims of violence and war in the country’s history.

Jean-Baptiste Malenge Kalunzu, IMO, Vatican Radio correspondent.