Katrina Pain Index 2011: Race, Gender, Poverty

Common Dreams

by Bill Quigley and Davida Finger

Six years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast.  The impact of Katrina and government bungling continue to inflict major pain on the people left behind.  It is impossible to understand what happened and what still remains without considering race, gender, and poverty.  The following offer some hints of what remains. Continue reading Katrina Pain Index 2011: Race, Gender, Poverty

Peace Boat-Rolls Royce talks lay bare ethical minefield

The Japan Times


Partners in peace?: A Peace Boat volunteer crew sent to Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, by IBM Corp. clears mud and debris from a residence. DREUX RICHARD PHOTOS

Failed deal between defense firm, antiwar group highlights dilemmas facing NGOs in race for donations

Convinced the recovery in Tohoku will result in the birth of widespread corporate philanthropy in Japan, in the same way the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake prompted the proliferation of volunteerism, Peace Boat director Tatsuya Yoshioka spent a day in June shepherding a busload of businesspeople on a tour of Ishinomaki neighborhoods hit hardest by the March 11 tsunami. They’d travelled north from Tokyo for a weekend of volunteering under the auspices of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, many of whose members share a similar vision for importing corporate social responsibility (CSR) to Japan. Continue reading Peace Boat-Rolls Royce talks lay bare ethical minefield

South Africa wine grown by ‘abused’ workers


Workers helping to make South Africa’s renowned wines are subject to unsafe working conditions and poor housing, a report has said.   Human Right Watch says workers on wine and fruit farms face exposure to pesticides and are blocked from forming labour unions.  The reports also says these workers are some of the worst paid in the country – despite strict labour laws.  A trade body for wine producers said the report was unfair.  But the head of Wines of South Africa said the study’s claims would be investigated. Continue reading South Africa wine grown by ‘abused’ workers

Myths and Misconceptions

Polaris Project

To effectively combat human trafficking, each of us needs to have a clear “lens” that helps us understand what human trafficking is.  When this lens is clouded or biased by certain persistent misconceptions about the definition of trafficking, our ability to respond to the crime is reduced.  It is important to learn how to identify and break down commonly-held myths and misconceptions regarding human trafficking and the type of trafficking networks that exist in the United States. Continue reading Myths and Misconceptions

Massive protest at White House against Alberta tar sands pipeline

The Guardian

Campaigners say the two-week protest will be the biggest green civil disobedience in a generation

Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

A protest at the White House against a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands is emerging as the biggest green civil disobedience campaign in a generation, organisers said. Approximately 1,500 people signed up to court arrest during the two-week actionoutside the White House, which begins on Saturday morning. Continue reading Massive protest at White House against Alberta tar sands pipeline