Nigeria: Two Satellites Launched for Disaster Management

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By Staff Writer

ABUJA—Nigeria, on Wednesday, launched two observation satellites NigeriaSat2 and NigeriaSat-X into the orbit to be used for disaster management, with clear determination to firm up its drive towards technological advancement. President Goodluck Jonathan described the move as another milestone in his country’s effort to solve national problems through space technology. Continue reading Nigeria: Two Satellites Launched for Disaster Management

Brazil’s Dam Shame

In These Times

Construction of the giant Belo Monte dam is now underway in the Amazon. But the movement against it continues.

By Gabriel Isaiah Schwartzman

After more than 30 years of international and national opposition to building a massive Amazonian dam, Brazil’s environmental licensing agency gave final approval on June 1 to what could become the world’s third-largest hydroelectric site. But the fight to protect the Amazon is not over. Continue reading Brazil’s Dam Shame