How We Saved the Climate (and Ourselves)

YES Magazine

Bill McKibben imagines himself in the year 2100, looking back at a century of climate chaos and asking: What did it take to save the world?

by Bill McKibben

Let’s imagine for a moment that we’re at 2100, and the atmospheric CO2 level is slowly subsiding back toward 350, and the worst is over. Let’s try to figure out how we got there—reverse-engineer a century of halting but ultimately decisive progress. Continue reading How We Saved the Climate (and Ourselves)

DRC – A young religious Jesuit assassinated in Kimwenza

(Google Translation)

Kinshasa, December 8, 2010 – (DIA) – The morning of Sunday, December 5, the lifeless body of a young Jesuit religious was found at the entrance to the sandy road Kimwenza Bel Air, a town located in the province of Bas- Congo (Kinshasa on the border). The body has been targeted three times: at the foot, belly and chest. The circumstances of this murder are still unclear. According to preliminary information, this religious Togolese nationality, together with his other colleagues were returning home on the night of Saturday, Dec. 4, when they were attacked. Continue reading DRC – A young religious Jesuit assassinated in Kimwenza

Clean energy no longer optional

Latin America Press

Abandoning fossil fuels is a long-term task, but unavoidable.

Milagros Salazar

The Peruvian government´s environmental policies are teetering on suicidal. The number of cars grows exponentially every year, mining and hydrocarbon companies receive concessions that include key water sources and forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate.  “The world can´t take any more abuse. We´re going to have a big bill to pay,” said Pedro Gamio, Peru´s former deputy energy minister. Continue reading Clean energy no longer optional

Robert Ouko ‘killed in Kenya State House’


Robert Ouko (left), ex US President Jimmy Carter (c) and President Moi (right) Robert Ouko (left) was more respected internationally than President Moi (right)

One of Kenya’s most high-profile murders – of Foreign Minister Robert Ouko – was carried out in one of then President Daniel arap Moi’s official residences, MPs have been told.  Three previous inquiries into the 1990 killing have ended prematurely and this one was presented to parliament five years after it was written. Continue reading Robert Ouko ‘killed in Kenya State House’