US trafficking law has led to more awareness of slavery, say advocates

WASHINGTON ( CNS) — Carmen Maquilon never expected she’d be on the frontlines of fighting crime. Her specialty: human trafficking. Her task: advocating on behalf of trafficking victims and their families in a battle to combat modern-day slavery — considered the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. As director of immigrant services at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y., Maquilon, a native of Colombia, and her staff have worked with dozens of trafficking victims since 2003. Continue reading US trafficking law has led to more awareness of slavery, say advocates

Church plans programme to develop new culture of social responsibility

Independent Catholic News

Church plans programme to develop new culture of social responsibility | Bishops, present economic situation

In a statement today, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, said:

The present economic situation creates immense challenges for everyone in our society. We are very conscious of the hardship and stress felt by many individuals and families at the present time, as well as the difficult task facing the government, the charitable sector and the country at large. Continue reading Church plans programme to develop new culture of social responsibility

How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff

Common Dreams

by Michael Moore
When someone talks about pushing you off a cliff, it’s just human nature to be curious about them. Who are these people, you wonder, and why would they want to do such a thing?

That’s what I was thinking when corporate whistleblower Wendell Potter revealed that, when “Sicko” was being released in 2007, the health insurance industry’s PR firm, APCO Worldwide, discussed their Plan B: “Pushing Michael Moore off a cliff.” Continue reading How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff

Yes, there are alternatives

Philippines Daily Inquirer

By Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
IN MOST countries, there is a dangerous myth that there is no alternative to the past 30 years’ path of gearing economies toward the global market. Yet, as financial markets stagnate and food prices swing wildly and the environment come under siege, more and more nations are taking steps to reduce their vulnerability to a volatile global economy. Some are taking steps to encourage more “rooted” alternatives.

On a recent trip to the Philippines, we found a refreshing openness to new directions from the halls of the new Congress to the rice fields of Mindanao. Many people understood that the dominant approach to the economy since the final years of Marcos, building on 400 years of colonialism, has failed: This more vulnerable approach geared the economy toward the plunder of fish, forests and minerals that enriched the few and impoverished workers, farmers and fishers. It created an agriculture sector dependent upon unreliable imports rather than geared to feeding the people. Continue reading Yes, there are alternatives

Why I Have Hope for Haiti

YES Magazine

The situation in Haiti is desperate, but social movements aren’t letting that stop them

Residents of a displaced persons camp beat pots and pans to protest a pending eviction.

by Beverly Bell


When people ask me, as they do all the time, “Is there any cause for hope in Haiti?” I answer yes.

It’s more tempting to think that the situation is so hopeless that it can’t any worse, especially right now. Last week, Hurricane Tomas brought three days of heavy storms, causing flash floods which washed away farmers’ homes, animals, and crops throughout the island. The storm also left filthy standing water in towns, promising to spread cholera even more rapidly throughout the country. Continue reading Why I Have Hope for Haiti

International Violence Against Women Act of 2010 H.R.4594 and S.2982


Please, take 5 minutes out off your day and make a giant step to STOP violence against women worldwide by calling your representative or senators asking them to cosponsor the International Violence Against Women Act. We need more members of the House and Senate to come on board and cosponsor this bill. There is hope that it may pass during this crucial lame duck session of Congress. PLEASE MAKE THESE THREE CALLS TODAY. Continue reading International Violence Against Women Act of 2010 H.R.4594 and S.2982

Kenya: The Hague Beckons for Post-poll Ring Leaders

News from Africa

ICC chief prosecutor says six suspects who committed crimes against humanity may be indicted by the end of the year.

By Eric Sande

THE HAGUE—-The International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in a video recording played to journalists at a media workshop in Nairobi on Tuesday November 17, made it clear that he had identified six individuals against whom he will be seeking the court’s permission to prosecute before the end of the year.

The six Kenyans most of who are said to be leaders and prominent business men, are accused of inciting communities against each other and some others accused of funding their political supporters to carry out revenge attacks. They will know their fate after the judges reveal their verdict on the prosecutor’s submissions. Moreno-Ocampo said he would be appearing before the judges soon to present the Kenyan case, with the evidence linking the six to the violence that left 1,300 people dead and 650,000 displaced. Continue reading Kenya: The Hague Beckons for Post-poll Ring Leaders

Zimbabwe: Churches warn against elections

Independent Catholic News

Church and human rights groups in Zimbabwe have warned against holding new elections at this time, saying the situation in the country is ‘highly volatile, uncertain and tense’ after a bloody presidential run-off election two years ago.

‘The polarised environment does not favour the holding of elections as violence would most likely erupt’, the groups, which include the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Christian Alliance and the Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe, said in a recent statement. Continue reading Zimbabwe: Churches warn against elections