Chilean Bishops: ‘Let us now work to rescue so many who are in poverty and exclusion’

Independent Catholic News

The Catholic Bishops of Chile issued a statement this morning giving thanks for the rescue of the miners.   Together with a grateful people to the God of Life: With great joy we praise and bless the Lord for the successful rescue of 33 miners, brothers who remained for 68 days trapped in the San José mine in the Atacama region.

During this time of faith and hope, we have joined in a continuous prayer with millions of people around Chile and the world. We thank in a special way the Holy Father Benedict XVI his special closeness and concern.   At the conclusion of operation San Lorenzo, we’re glad to see and hear these brothers of ours, your loved ones. We thank  God the Father for this miracle he has blessed us with, we thank the authorities, the technicians, professionals and other workers, compatriots and foreigners who have contributed to the preparation and execution of the rescue.

Let us pray for the 33 miners and their families Atacama. This encounter with the living is an opportunity for them and we all value as precious to us: the life, dignity as children of God, faith, family treasure, the value of a work justly rewarded and always secure and dignified conditions.

With this witness of unity and solidarity with our 33 brothers we have also been linked to all Chileans. God’s strength and hope invites us to work together as a society to go to “rescue” of so many who suffer from poverty and marginalization, looking to make Chile “a table for everyone.”


† Alejandro Goic Karmelic

Bishop of Rancagua


† Gonzalo Duarte García de Cortázar

Bishop of Valparaíso

Vice President

Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa †

Cardinal Archbishop of Santiago

Ezzati Rizardo Andrello †

Archbishop of Concepción

Santiago Silva Retamales †

Auxiliary Bishop of Valparaíso

Secretary General