Warming´s unavoidable consequences

José Pedro Martins
Less deforestation is countered by high greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change scientists in Brazil are scrambling to map out how higher temperatures may be causing irreversable damage to the country´s biomes.

Government policies have aimed to combat deforestation, and while somewhat successful in slowing the trend, particularly in the Amazon Rainforest, known as the “world´s lungs” since it absorbs vast quantities of greenhouse gases, the efforts may be too late as temperatures continue to climb. Continue reading Warming´s unavoidable consequences

What’s Happening To Our Veterans

Tikkun Daily

Contrary to popular belief, our soldiers are currently fighting three wars – two in the Middle East and one at home. With politicians and pundits endlessly evoking the “war on terror” and security concerns, it is the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces that back up all the tough talk and rhetoric. However, when these brave souls return from combat, our society is not adequately prepared for their arrival. The regrettable treatment of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan is shameful. Continue reading What’s Happening To Our Veterans