Enough Project Faults Congo’s Ban on Mining

News from Africa

US-based anti-genocide lobby group says ban an incomplete solution to conflict minerals.

By Peter Omondi

Washington DC—In order to decrease violence fueled by the global trade in conflict minerals, Congo ‘s recent ban on mineral exports must be accompanied by long-term efforts to reform the trade, including a certification process, says the Enough Project. Last week, President Joseph Kabila announced a mineral export ban on the conflict-ridden and mineral-rich Walikale territory in North Kivu, which was then followed by a full export ban on all minerals mined in the eastern Congolese provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu , and Maniema. Continue reading Enough Project Faults Congo’s Ban on Mining

Tea Partyers in Wonderland

The Nation

The mythmongers in Tea Party land and millions more Americans seem to prefer fiction to fact.

By Barbara Koeppel

Based on a mid-April New York Times/CBS News poll of about 1,600 adults, we learned that 52 percent of Tea Party supporters believe “too much has been made of the problems facing black people.” Could it be because 89 percent of the Partyers polled are white? They also have above-average incomes: 31 percent of Tea Partyers earn more than $75,000 a year, as opposed to 26 percent of all poll respondents. A cool 68 percent of Tea Partyers consider themselves middle-class or above. And they’re very angry about government spending. As one woman says, “I’m sick and tired of them wasting money” (though she probably doesn’t want her Medicare or Social Security touched). Continue reading Tea Partyers in Wonderland

Catholic Week of Action for the DREAM Act

Justice for Immigrants


If enacted, the DREAM Act would create a pathway through which undocumented immigrant students could obtain conditional permanent residency and, ultimately, American citizenship.  Under the legislation, certain students would be eligible for conditional permanent residency if they meet certain criteria, including: entering the United States before age 16; living in the U.S. for at least five continuous years immediately before the bill becomes effective; graduating from high school or gaining admission into an institute of higher education; having “good moral character” and not committed certain crimes; and being younger than 35 when the bill becomes effective. Continue reading Catholic Week of Action for the DREAM Act

101 days of prayer with the people of Sudan

Together with Africa

Sudan is entering a critical period as the January 2011 referendum approaches.

Mandated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the referendum gives the people of Southern Sudan the right to determine their future status – one of unity with the North or independence. (Read a recent NewsNotes article on this issue here.)  Monumental challenges remain in the way of a free and fair referendum. Continue reading 101 days of prayer with the people of Sudan


National Immigration Law Center

As many of you know, on September 14, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced plans to bring the DREAM Act (S. 729) up for a vote as an amendment to the Department of Defense authorization bill.  It is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate as early as next week — and we need you to take action to make sure that Congress passes this important legislation! Continue reading ACT NOW TO PASS THE DREAM ACT!