Meet the traffickers

New Internationalist
What kind of person would sell another? You might be surprised. Victor Malarek reports.

In a dusty farm village 80 miles north of Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia – two women sit cross-legged on a floor inside a ramshackle hut. They are transacting an important business deal and haggle for about 10 minutes before settling on the amount – 2,000,000 riels, about $500. Continue reading Meet the traffickers

Zim’s home-based-care gamble

Zim On Line
by Chris Anold Msipa
HARARE – At Mavise village, 170 km south of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, Tambudzia Zinyere recalls how one day, two years ago, the three men approached her homestead.

Two of the men, she had never seen before but the third she was sure she had met before. But, for the man’s emaciated and sickly features, she could not, from the distance, immediately tell who he was. Continue reading Zim’s home-based-care gamble

General Zuma and troops face defeat

Sunday Independent
What is the status of the South African state’s War on Poverty (WoP)? We don’t really know, because it is one of the most clandestine operations in SA history, with status reports kept confidential by a floundering army in rapid retreat from the front. Initially, the WoP appeared as a major national project. Early hubris characterised the wa r, as happens in most, with victory claimed even before then-president Thabo Mbeki officially launched it in his February 2008 State of the Nation speech. Five months earlier, Trevor Manuel bragged to Parliament that South Africans in poverty “dropped steadily from 52.1 percent in 1999 to 47 percent in 2004 and to 43.2 percent by March this year”. Continue reading General Zuma and troops face defeat