Christmas and the challenge of inequality

Church Action on Poverty

As church leaders prepare their sermons and talks for Christmas, Church Action on Poverty is encouraging them to reflect on what the Christmas story tells us about poverty and inequality.

This Christmas, the church must speak out about the gap between rich and poor.

David Price, the chair of our local group in Sheffield, has written this special briefing, which we have sent to many of the UK’s church leaders:

Christmas is a time when church leaders recommend books which they have found compelling in the previous year. These are usually books about the Christian faith, about religious devotion or about saints of the church. Continue reading Christmas and the challenge of inequality

What is at stake in Copenhagen

Leonardo Boff
Earthcharter Commission
Leonardo Boff

(Spanish version follows English)

Representatives of 192 nations face something irreversible in Copenhagen: the Earth has already warmed excessively, due to our manner of production, of consumption and of treating nature. We can only adapt ourselves to the changes and mitigate their perverse effects. Continue reading What is at stake in Copenhagen