Earth Dance Video

On February 12, 2009 the Sisters of Notre Dame and the people of Anapu (Para) Brazil celebrated the 4th anniversary of the death of Sr. Dorothy Stang, SND. Below is a video of the “Earth Dance” performed by some of the Sisters and the youth of Anapu.

Calling on the Kenyan leadership to be counted

Pambazuka News 

Wangari Maathai 

ken2Reflecting on Kenyan society’s unquestioning acceptance of the police’s right to intimidate and even kill those labelled as ‘Mungiki’, Wangari Maathai considers the dubious culture of impunity around harassing those supposedly in league with the Mungiki sect. With the pervasive demonisation of the Mungiki militia group providing an effective cover for the killing of members of the Kikuyu community – Mungiki and non-Mungiki alike – ordinary citizens are reluctant to speak out, both for fear of being accused of supporting the sect and of the reactions of Mungiki militia to criticism. Calling on the political and religious leadership of the Kikuyu community to face up to the challenge in its midst, Maathai urges the country to heal the growing rift between the community and other Kenyans. Continue reading Calling on the Kenyan leadership to be counted

Belgique/Congo: un nouveau cadeau empoisonné de la Belgique à la RDC Sent by Marie-Rose Lepers SND

8 millions de manuels scolaires.

Au mois de mai, les contribuables belges apprenaient avec stupeur que leur Gouvernement venait d’asséner, en leur nom, un nouveau coup de massue à l’enseignement congolais et aux éditeurs de manuels scolaires. En 2006 déjà, 5 millions de manuels de 5è  et 6è primaires avaient été parachutés dans tout le Congo par la Coopération belge sans tenir compte ni des manuels existants ni des éditeurs congolais. Mais cette fois, avec 8 millions de manuels de 3è et 4è primaires, l’économie occidentale pénètre de force non seulement le marché congolais de l’édition mais, surtout, elle tente de façonner les cerveaux des jeunes à la philosophie et à la logique occidentale du marché. Continue reading Belgique/Congo: un nouveau cadeau empoisonné de la Belgique à la RDC

Kenya, Qatar land deal questioned

Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab


Kenya’s plans to lease out about 100,000 acres of land to a Gulf state for agriculture at a time when the country is facing serious food shortages has been criticised. The deal with the government of Qatar is similar to a model that has been widely criticised by agricultural experts worldwide and mainly involves poor African countries and rich nations or corporations especially from the Middle East. Continue reading Kenya, Qatar land deal questioned

Africa: Economy and Human Rights

AfricaFocus Bulletin Sent by Sr Michael Theresa Brauer, SND

Editor’s Note 

“Our first demand in our new campaign [“Demand Dignity”] is to the G-2 leaders, USA and China. The United States does not accept the notion of economic, social and cultural rights while China does not respect civil and political rights. We call on both governments to sign up to all human rights for all.” – Irene Khan, Amnesty International Continue reading Africa: Economy and Human Rights