Iraq Troop Withdrawal or Occupation-Lite?

Foreign Policy in Focus

by Phyllis Bennis
President Barack Obama said directly that he would be announcing “a way forward in Iraq that leaves Iraq to its people and responsibly ends this war.” As far as it goes, that sounds good. This is an indication that President Obama is largely keeping to his campaign promises, and that’s a hopeful sign, reflecting the power of the anti-war consensus in this country.
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Defiant Mugabe’s birthday banquet

The Guardian

Zimbabwe’s president demands cattle and money from his starving people to pay for a surreal party

Alex Duval Smith, Africa Correspondent
Robert Mugabe marked his 85th birthday yesterday with a sumptuous banquet in Harare at the start of a week of parties which observers say is a further sign of the Zimbabwean president’s defiance in the face of growing criticism of his regime.
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