A Call for Stories


Please send your stories to Marge Clark, BVM mclark@networklobby.org and to Maura Browne, SND Browne@SNDdeN.org

Last week I attended a meeting with staff members from Speaker Pelosi’s office. One of their requests was for people’s stories of the specific impacts of the economic crisis on their lives and their communities. I turn to you for help with this.

At a NETWORK member call-in shortly after the meeting, I made the request. The next morning I received an email from one of the callers with the following:

Black Angus restaurant closed two of three county locations and consolidated activity
here in San Leandro resulting in the loss of many food service workers.

The local Goodyear, Mr. Goodwrench auto service center, has reduced its daily hours
by 1.5 hours, now closing at 5, rather than 6:30 p.m. in order to conserve on salary

I hope some of you will be able to send comparable information and/or your own personal or family story. It is good to have the name of the Representative in whose district it is happening. I sent this person’s email to both the Speaker’s office, and to the office of the Representative. I’ve made a good connection with the staffer working on welfare and labor issues! She was most appreciative, especially as they were having a forum on Saturday in the district.

These stories really are appreciated by members of congress. Thank you for your help.

Marge Clark, BVM