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October 7th 2008

1) Amazon: WSF 2009 protagonist territory
a) Registration
b) Accomodation
c) Youth Camp
d) Basic program
2) Belem Expanded: enlarging participation in the WSF 2009
3) OpenFSM: a permanent virtual open space to build another possible world
4) Videos about WSF 2009 in WSFTV
5) III Americas Social Forum in Guatemala

1) Amazon: WSF 2009 protagonist territory

From January 27th to February 1st 2009, the city of Belem will host the World Social Forum. During six days, the city assumes the position of being the center of planetary citizenship and a global reference for those who don’t agree with inequality, injustice, intolerance, environment destruction and prejudice.

Hundreds of self-managed activities – as campings, workshops, seminars, conferences, testimonies, marches, cultural and artistic activities, among others – during this six days will be spaces for exchange, reflection and building of proposals for another possible world.

The World Social Forum 2009 territory is composed by the Para Federal University (UFPA) and the Amazon Federal Rural University (UFRA) in a green area along the Guama river facing the rain forest one mile away on the other bank.

1-a) Registration

The registration to participate in WSF 2009 starts in October and will be made via website.

Activities can only be registered by organizations. All the registered activities will be self-managed, which means that the organization will be responsible to define the activity format, to invite speakers, and to develop other actions needed, as the memory of the activity. The WSF organization will be responsible to guarantee the space and publicize information about the activity in the official program, that’ll have printed and online versions.

The Facilitation Group responsible for the WSF 2009 organization is aware of the the participants’ different monetary conditions and set up variable registration fees:

– geopolitical North** – US$ 216,00 (worth 1 delegate) + US$ 50,00 each extra delagate
– Brazil – R$ 150,00 (worth 1 delegate) + R$ 20,00 each extra delegate
– other countries – US$ 83,00 (worth 1 delegade) + US$ 11,00 each extra delegate

– geopolitical North** – US$ 83,00
– Brazil – R$ 30,00
– other countries – US$ 17,00

* Worth up to four activities of 1 shift (3 hours) each.
** Compound by the countries that are part of the OCDE – Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland (Except for South Korea, Mexico and Eastern European countries)

1-b) Accomodation

Several actions already been made in order to attend the various accommodation needs for the WSF 2009 participants. The main action is the solidarity accomodation campain (family or alternative):

Alternative Accommodation: lodging in organizations, schools, stadium and religious entities that may be without any cost or with a space maintenance payment tax.

Family Accommodation: lodging in local family houses.
In September, a form will be available in for participants to request solidarity accommodation (family or alternative). Solidary accomodation will costs vary from zero to R$38,50 person/day.

More information can be found via WSF 2009 Office, in the State Government Support Committee or writing to

Conventional Accommodation: due to the reduced number of rooms available in Belem, the negotiation of conventional accommodation must be done directly between the organizations and the local hotels, or through the participants’ regular travel agency. There is no official travel agency for the WSF. A list of available hotels and prices is available at the WSF site.

1-c) Youth Camp

As in previous editions of the WSF, the International Youth Camp will be another accommodation option and will also host its own specific program of activities. The IYC will be located inside the WSF territory, at UFRA (Amazon Federal Rural University).

Thousands of young people from all over the world will meet, exchange and experience some days of diverse activities related to habitation, group communication, recycling and others themes.


1-d) Basic program

27/01/2009 –Opening march (afternoon)
28/01/2009 – Pan-Amazon day: 500 years of resistance, conquests, perspectives of the  afro-Indians and popular.
This day will be dedicated to bring to the world the Amazon voices and will be built of many activities, testimonies, conferences, beyond celebration and cultural exhibition.
29 a 31/01/2009 – Others self-managed activities.
01/02/2009 – Closure of the WSF 2009, with decentralized and self-managed actions where will be presented the outcomes of activities held in WSF, agreements and alliances built during the WSF and the general celebration of closure.

2) Belem Expanded: enlarging participation in the WSF 2009

The 2009 edition of World Social Forum, that will happen from January 27th to February 1st in Belém (state of Pará, Brazil), opens a new way of participation for movements, entities and civil society organisations that won’t be able to come to the centralized event and want to express their active participation in the wsf process. The WSF International Council wrote an invitation for WSF 2009 Belem Expanded activities during it’s last meeting in Copenhagen –

Any organisation, movement, group or entity can register and organize a decentralized activity during the Forum dates in its own city or country, arranging connection moments with other activities and organizations inside the Belem Expanded program or with the ones located in Belem.

A virtual territory is being built to connect the “real” WSF 2009 space activities with decentralized activities that will happen outside Belem during the Forum dates. Inside the common virtual territory, organisations can look for partners interested in connection moments or in building convergences.

The connection between two or more activities during Belem WSF can be made using internet tools (as  text and audio chats or videoconferences), or using other communication technologies (as radio transmissions, letters, pictures and others).

From October 2008 to January 2009, organisations that register activities in Belem Expanded territory will be stimulated to find partners for it’s connections and will be invited to share the common visibility space in the WSF 2009 “real” territory.

Belem Expanded participants are invited to use the website OpenFSM to look for connection partners, to make activities visible, work collaboratively and look for organisations to build convergences. (more about OpenFSM on item 3).

A working group  ‘FSM 2009 Interconexões’ was created to facilitate the process. You can get in touch with this group visiting –

The registration for Belem Expanded activities can be made via website. Activities happening outside Belem are exempt of registration fee.

For more information, select the option “Belem Expanded” in or visit the address .

3) OpenFSM: a permanent virtual open space to build another possible world

The website OpenFSM is online. It’s a new horizontal and open space created to facilitate communication and convergences among WSF participants, to strengthen the permanent WSF Process and to assist on the preparation of centralized events as WSF 2009.

All WSF2009 participants in belem or Belem Expanded are invited to use the website OpenFSM to create spaces where to prepare collaboratively their activities,  make them visible and look for connection partners, and  convergences partners.

OpenFSM brings a set of tools for social networking, collective work, information sharing, and news publishing, that can be used by any person or entity identified with the WSF Charter of Principles.

Every registered OpenFSM user is able to create a space for it’s organisation, activity, theme or geographic region. It’s possible to invite other organisations and/or people to contribute in your space, or use it to share information, discussions, proposals and show your areas of interest to other visitors.

Each OpenFSM space offers mailing lists, collective pages for planing and work, and a blog that allow users to publish news and pictures.

Visit OpenFSM in . Make your individual registration, join the existent spaces or create yours. If you need help, please visit or write to website (at)

[Marker]4) Videos about WSF 2009 in WSFTV

The website is online showing videos related to the World Social Forum. The website can be used to host videos produced by any person or organisation identified with the WSF Charter of Principles.

WSF TV has four new videos online about the World Social Forum 2009, produced and recorded during the Methodology and Communication meeting that happened in Belem in past July.

5) III Americas Social Forum in Guatemala

From October 7th to 12th 2008, the III Americas Social Forum will be held in the San Carlos University, in Guatemala. 800 organisations and an estimate attendance of 6 thousand people, the ASF will have 356 self-managed activities, concerning 105 seminars, 53 panels, 28 dialogue tables, 91 workshops, 6 conferences, 26 exhibits, 4 celebration moments, 50 cultural activities, thematic groups and 15 diverse activities.

“Defending quality of life in the face of predatory capitalism” is the axe with more registered activities, but the participants will be mobilized to discuss other issues, as the “Peoples in Resistance to Neoliberalism and Imperial Domination”, the “Scope and Challenges of the Changes in the Hemisphere: Post-Neoliberalism, Socialism(s), Civilizational Changes”, diversities and equality, communication, culture, originary, indigenous and afro-descendant peoples and youth.

The general program can be seen in .
The complete program of self-managed activities is available in
For live coverage and news about the III Americas Social Forum, visit the website “FSA al Día” in, Radio Vulgocracia website – – or Agencia Púlsar page –

WSF Office – Brazil
Address: Rua General Jardim, 660, 7th floor, São Paulo – SP- Brasil, Zip Code: 01223-010

WSF 2009 Office – Belem
Address: Rua Presidente Pernambuco S/N, Belem – PA – Brasil, Zip Code: 66823-010
Phone: +55-91-3222-8530

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