Italy: Sant’Egidio protests at wave of attacks on migrants

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The Sant’Edigio community in Italy have voiced concerns after a string of attacks on migrants around the country in the past few days has left several people injured and one dead.

In the last few days there have been racist attacks in Naples, Milan, Parma and Rome.

“The disturbing beating in Parma by public officials; the beating to death of a black Italian citizen near Milan’s central station, the beatings in Rome, in Tor Bella Monaca, confirm a crazed atmosphere of ignorance, racism and brutality..” the Sant’Edigio Community said in a statement.

On Friday afternoon a 36 year-old Chinese man was attacked in Rome by a group of seven Italian minors on Viale Duilio Cambellotti, in the popular neighbourhood of Tor Bella Monaca. A few days earleri, two immigrants from the Ivory Coast, aged 30 and 24, were attacked in the same area.

The statement of Sant’Egidio underlined that “there are some who are not ashamed, from positions of responsibility in the public administration and in parliament, to incite contempt toward immigrants, among them Roma, Romanians and Muslims” .

The Community of Sant’Egidio “condemns this violence and atmosphere of scapegoating that is invading the public arena and creating disarray in the mentality and behaviour, even of the younger generations. On behalf of the city of Rome and the country, we feel compelled to apologise for this violent intolerance to all the victims, and urge a reaction of gestures of solidarity and isolation of those who continue to excuse or foment the atmosphere of contempt toward foreigners and those who are already struggling to integrate in our country”.

Source: MISNA

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