Kenya: concerns voiced after report on ‘death squadrons’

Independent Catholic News

Nearly 500 people have been killed in Kenya by ‘death squadrons’ linked to local secret service agencies, according to a new report from This is what the National Commission on Human Rights in Kenya

The majority of the victims seem to be members of the ‘Mungiki’ sect that is also responsible for the grave crimes in various areas of the country, especially in the slums of Nairobi.

The report affirms that some of the victims had been tortured and mutilated before being killed. The “death squadrons” seem to receive protection from several high-ranking politicians, however this part in the report lacks definite evidence, as the key testimonies have not yet been inserted into a special protection program.

The rest of the document holds detailed information: the names of the victims, the circumstances surrounding their disappearance, the license plate of the police car used in the kidnapping, the date of their death, and the place where their body was left. There are also testimonies from family members that paid large ransoms to have their son freed.

The police denies their involvement in any illegal activity.

The issue of human rights abuses on the part of the military and police forces was raised in the case of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), a guerrilla group active in the Mount Elgon area. Some international humanitarian aid organizations affirmed that there were cases of torture and illegal execution of prisioners. The SLDF has also been guilty of grave crimes: from 2006 until today, nearly 600 people have been killed by the guerrilla group, and others have been kidnapped and tortured.

The Catholic Church performed an independent survey on the Mount Elgon case and has been trying to find a way to dialogue with the Mungiki, so as to end the violence.

Source: Fides